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Famous Quotes of Inspiration, Determination, Modesty:

  • " The six colours, including the white background, represent the colours of all the world's flags ... this is a true international emblem. "
  • " The Olympic Games of the Modern Era began in 1896 in the city of Athens. "
  • " The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete. "
  • " The Olympic Games is the ultimate level of competition. "
  • " The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well. "
  • " It is the inspiration of the Olympic Games that drives people not only to compete but to improve, and to bring lasting spiritual and moral benefits to the athlete and inspiration to those lucky enough to witness the athletic dedication "
  • " The Olympic Games are for the world and all nations must be admitted to them. "
  • " For too long the world has failed to recognise that the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement are about fine athletics and fine art "
  • " It has been said that the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games is something that an athlete will remember for the rest of their life. It is true. That moment when you walk into the Olympic Stadium as part of the Australian Olympic Team, is a moment that I will never forget. "
  • " To have been selected to represent Team South Africa at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the individual 400m and the 4x400m relay is a real honor and I am so pleased that years of hard work, determination and sacrifice have all come together. "
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Collectors' Corner - Athens, Berlin Memorabilia Highlight Latest Olympic Auctions

(ATR) An official Olympic cauldron used in Athens during the 2004 international torch relay that visited 27 countries highlights an auction of rare memorabilia conducted by the first family of Greek Olympic collecting.

Olympin Annual Meeting - Chicago - August 6, 2012

On Saturday evening, August 6th, in Chicago, the Board met with the members for the annual meeting. All of the Board members were in attendance, including Board member-elect, Craig Perlow. Approximately 100 members attended, an all time record!

Sammlerbörse bot Programmbereicherung

Die Neuauflage der vom Deutschen Sport & Olympia Museum und der IMOS veranstalteten Sammlerbörse brachte wieder eine interessante Neuigkeit.


奥林匹克收藏博览会举行 向世界拓展奥运乐趣


ATR通讯社 北京时间5月19日电 虽然奥运圣火已离开雅典,但它的精神将在第十八届世界收藏博览会上延续。
Pin Points - Collectors Fair Plans Unaffected by Greek Riots

(ATR) The Greek financial crisis as well as violent rioting and protests have not disrupted plans for the 18th World Olympic Collectors Fair in Athens, to be held May 17-20 at the historic Zappeion Megaron.

World Olympic Collectors' Fair Celebrates Athens Roots

(ATR) After the Olympic flame departs Athens, the spirit will remain at the 18th World Collectors' Fair, continuing through Sunday at the historic Zappeion Megaron.


“Tened cuidado con los griegos que llevan regalos”

La polémica que envuelve al centenario del COE es muy conocida por los lectores de este blog. Quién lo desee puede repasarla aquí: